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In Germany, animals are rightless. Their only right is the one to suffer and to die, thats it. The german animal protection law is construable, contradictory, full of gaps and not even used in the hardest cases. The authorithies are reluctant, unable and overwhelmed or just corrupted. Have you thought that 40 million turkeys get fattened without any mandatory laws in germany? Its the same for 25 million ducks. Even if the turkey fattening is obviously against the animal protection law and the incest is causing "enduring pain and suffering without a rational reason" the justice stays inactive. Even the most motivated prosecutor fails when it comes to the laws that were mostly created by the lobbyists of the animal farming industry. Consumers can buy eggs, but they may not know anything about their origin. Data privacy is more important than consumer protection, even if somebody dies, the protection of the concern counts more than the protection of the endangered people. Thats why its more important that ever to inform and enforce transparency. Those unaccaptable conditions can only be changed by a change in the populations attitude, through education. I think ist necessary to look behind the scenery with investigative remedys and to inform the general public. I work with journalistic methods like research and picture documentation. Modern technics, whistleblowers and a lot of patience is necessary to get insight to the confusing networks of the companys and safety arrangements behind the pleasant advertisements for meat, eggs, milk or the newest headache pill. I clearly dissociate myself from offences like property damage, insult or threat. A progress for the animals can only be done in a peaceful way. Considering the suffering and the faint, i can understand people who have symphaties for radical approach or feel delight about attacks on animal abusers but they have to be aware that the crossing of the red line towards violence will only have advantage for one side and thats the one of the abuser. Violent acts give the means in the hand of the animal abuser who uses them to destroy the reputation of a peaceful movement and to demand repression of the state against animal protectors. Peaceful, competent and persistant resistance with education and democratic protest is a much bigger punishment to the death industry than any violent crime. Love for animals should not lead to hating humans - this is about all living beings and equal rights. Hate against strangers or other races already caused so much death and suffering that a movement that stands for rights, freedom and equality cannot turn blind when it comes to problems in our society. Animal rights and human right are the same. Whoever wants to seperate them or speaks out racist, homophobic or sexist does not understand what this movement is about and pursues other goals than animal protection. Our resistance achieved big sucesses in the last 3 decades. The relationship between human and animal changed, ethical standards were set new and a peaceful revolution from below is changing our consumption as well as our view about things that were unshakeable for thousands of years. Also other social movements like the fight for womans rights, for people with different skin colour or against homophobia were ridiculed for a long time, but in the end, peaceful resistance is unstoppable.

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