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Calumny, trolls and co.

 Silvester 2013. imagine yourself sitting on the couch with your partner, scrolling through the internet. "Hey, whats that?! Did you wrote that?" you realize that someone faked your identitiy. The internet is full of homepages and press handouts you never wrote, but in your name. That is what happened to me, when i revealed three scandals about Wiesenhof, short after the establishment of Soko Tierschutz. This was their counterstrike. Even today, with a little effort you would be able to find the dirty leftovers somewhere in the depth of the internet. Powerful enemies of the poultry industry engaged a PR-Agency focused on reputation management to destroy mine. With huge criminal energy, sometimes incredibly dull and bumbling, i was pelted with waste for years. Once i was declared as a millionair, then broke and a criminal. They didn't even hesitated with faking a authorithy for consumer protection which also worked against me. In the end, i learned a lot from that. The guilty ones got catched by the police and the media made their tricks and strategy to the subject of discussion. They wont stop me from raising my voice that easily. Also violence, mobbing and threats, which im often confronted with, dont frighten me. Incidentally, im proud to have a completely empty police register and to sit towards the criminal. There will be more attacks against me, but i dont fear them..

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