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I am often asked by people how to support me and my work. There are many ways and forms: My work in any case through donations to SOKO Tierschutz e.V. It can be money and donations in kind. These are in good hands there. But that does not change the fact that I too am pleased about support and that gives me the decisive support, protection, more creative freedom and possibilities for rest and relaxation. For what use is the best organisation, without people who stand up for their goals with their lives and dedication? This support can be sent to me in different ways. A good option is the platform Patreon, on which you can support me on a regular basis, for example, by Paypal and is also rewarded with insights into my work. I do a lot, sacrifice most of my free time and take big risks. It is a bit of a typical German thing that people who do something useful for society have to live on the edge of poverty. I did not go into animal welfare to get rich, even quit my very lucrative job with a large NGO to fight freely and effectively for the animals. But I think it's just fair to be able to lead a comfortable life with this important work.

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